4 Basic Things You Need To Consider for SEO before Posting Content

Basic SEO Factors

What would you think before creating an article? Well, it might sometimes be keywords or the concept, but what we are going to discuss today is none of them. We are today discussing the necessary things that you need to consider for SEO before posting content to your website. What might it be? Is it a theme for a website or something else? To be precise, it includes four basis points that could be useful to optimize your site for the search engines. Let’s go through these points right now!

Title of the Content

First thing is a title. The title here means the headline of your content that is shown in search engines results. You must use the particular keyword that you are trying to target in the market. It is must as people mostly search keywords instead of a long sentence and search engines also measure the value of headline keyword.


The title length in the article must be at least 60 characters. It is 65, but sometimes Google might cut off the actual title length. If you think Google measures the characters then you are wrong, it measures through pixels. If your title is long and cannot be reduced to some size, try to have some stop word keyword in your title. For example, you can start like:

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Header Tags

If you are new to blogging, you must know what header tags are. They are the thing that gives extra SERPs to your optimization. As Google favors H1, H2, and H3 tags massively, you must use these tags for your subheadings. But keep in mind, never stuff keywords in header tags. You must keep it in reader’s friendly way.

Header Tags

We recommend you to use H4 tags as well. Why I am telling you so is because an H1 tag is for website title, H2 for your articles’ title and H3 for your headings inside the post. Why we recommend you to use H4 tags is because your articles’ title might also include extra subheadings. And it’s better to have extra juice for your site, isn’t it?

Permalink or URL

URL is the link that is derived from your post once you update it. The search engines like Google go through your website by crawling through the URL. When your permalink is optimized and is made unique, there is some chance to gain visitors for your site as well.


If you want to make it more beautiful in search results, we insist you use Breadcrumbs. It does not show your URL or slug. Instead, it shows the category in which you have written those articles.

Meta Description of Article

When each and everything you did of those all, you should go for the Meta Description. The Meta description is the only way of gaining traffic through several keywords. Make sure to use the main keyword of the post in Meta and also try to elaborate it with similar keywords. It is better to use long keywords and semantic keywords rather than using same keywords twice.