Best Ways of Optimizing Content Through Keywords for Website

optimize website from keywords

Content is always king and keywords are always queen of the website. One must be able to focus on optimization while writing content. Today we shall discuss the best ways of optimizing content of the website so that you can get enough juice from the search engines. Here are enlisted some major factors through which your content could be optimized.

Long Tail Keywords

The keywords are the main thing that one should consider before building contents. But using stiff keywords is no more major factor. Now, you must be able to derive the long tail keyword that can help you in both small and big keywords.

Long Tail Keywords

Why should one use Long Tail Keywords? Well it is because Google changed its ranking factor and now one must use keyword in such a way that the sentence should be in reader’s favour. You must be able to use such keywords that sound like natural thing. Also, if you do not know anything at all, you can go through this Long Tail keyword guide.

Use Keywords in Specific Places

The keywords that you have compiled till date must be kept in safe place as it helps in building a brand new web optimization. You must know how to and where to use such keywords in the content. If you do not know where to put such specific keywords, scroll down to know!


Post Title

If you want to rank your website faster, you must use keywords in your post title. Be more specific and make sure it is reader’s friendly. When you use keywords in the title, in search results it shows in bold. We do not recommend you to use keywords in the beginning of the post title as it sounds to be rather unfriendly. Use those keywords in such a way that reader’s never getting the idea of you using keywords.

Header Tags and Paragraph

This is another place where you should add your keywords. In paragraph, try to minimize the keywords as it sounds much funnier. We recommend you to use at least one keyword in the paragraph. While in header tags, we recommend you to use keywords at least 2 times. If you are using word press and use Yoast SEO plugin, you can easily configure these parts.


URL Slug

Every time you add new articles, make sure your slug is made up of post name, not the post ID. When you use post name in your slug, there will be your keyword which shows easily in search results. Whatever the title of the search results, reader’s always look the slug; before going through the website.

Meta Tags

Although Meta keywords are not being used, it is good to have some keywords inside the tags. Moreover you should focus for Meta description. It is the line that shows exactly below the slug in search result. If you add some keywords in this part, you could get extra attention of the visitors. Also it is useful to summarize what type of article you have written.