Extra Factors to Be Considered For SEO

Extra SEO factors

Optimizing contents and website never means to focus only on Meta tags, header tags, and other basic SEO factors. You must be able to utilize some other factors that should be considered for better SEO. We have compiled some major needs that could help you to rank your website faster. Scroll down below to know these extra factors.

Mobile-Friendly Theme

Ever since Google updated the new scheme of mobile friendly theme, it is essential to have theme that is friendly with each and every resolution. If your website is static and do not have any templates, make sure to use one. As people mostly visit websites from mobile that desktop, your article will reach people only when it is accessible through internet.

The Google Algorithm that was updated in the year 2016 clearly mentioned about essentiality of using mobile friendly template. Moreover, it is recommended to use AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to rank your website result on the top. If your blog have mobile friendly UI, you can easily access your blog in a single URL. For example, for the site without such UI, you must access your website either through m.yourweb.com or through yourweb.com/m. But if you have responsive design, you can directly view through yourweb.com.

Image Optimization

Content is always king but sometime king might not have enough resources. When you do not have enough resources, you can simply add images, pictures and videos in order to increase content volume. But simply using image wouldn’t do a thing; you must be able to optimize it to the optimum position.

To optimize images, you must know Alt attributes and description. When you add image in your website, make sure you add its title and the description of the image. The description should include keyword that you use in the blog. Also, you must know how to add Alt attributes in the images.

If you know Google Images, you can rank your images in the search engine of images as well. Make sure to add Alt tags and keywords in each and every part of your images. But, do not over stuff the keywords in the article description.

Internal Links

Internal links are important for increasing SERPs in the website. It shows the age of your website along with the niche of your website in particular. It can be done by writing similar articles two or more times and then link from one to another.

You might have seen some sites with heavy internal link. Sometimes it sounds rather uneasy, but the site owner is using it for your help along with increase SERP for the website.